Forest Essentials Rose & Cardamom Body Mist

New season, new scent! From warm and spice of winters to fresh and floral notes of spring ❤ Now that spring is finally here I am making room for my new body mist from Forest Essentials.  Rose & Cardamom Body Mist Review PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Taruni Evum Aela Fresh flower infused water Body Mist with the … Continue reading Forest Essentials Rose & Cardamom Body Mist

Luxurious Mists from Forest Essentials

Hi all! I have always been a big fan of body mists and favor them over perfume as they are much lighter and handbag friendly. There is definitely a scent for everyone in FOREST ESSENTIALS body mist collection! BODY MIST ICED POMEGRANATE WITH FRESH KERALA LIME PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Fresh fruit and flowers infused fragrant cooling … Continue reading Luxurious Mists from Forest Essentials

Bhring Raj by Forest Essentials

BhringaRaj is a plant which is mainly used in Ayurveda as an herb supporting hair growth. Many Ayurvedic hair oils incorporate this as an important ingredient. BhringaRaj is a sanskrit word when translated means King of Hair. In Kerala its popularly known as Kayyunni. I have this amazing herb planted in my garden too as this has many health and … Continue reading Bhring Raj by Forest Essentials

A Delicate Facial Cleanser – Kashmiri Saffron & Neem

Monsoon in Kerala is something I love the most but the typically wet & humid weather develops all kind of skin problems. My skin turns super oily! Coping with oily skin was never easy for me. There are various skin care products available in the market right from synthetic to herbal products. You can choose … Continue reading A Delicate Facial Cleanser – Kashmiri Saffron & Neem


I have always been a fan of Rose water toners. It plays a major role in skin care regimen. I have already reviewed FOREST ESSENTIALS ROSE WATER TONER. Rose water has anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial properties which helps to fight acne. Few benefits of Rose water : Hydrates skin Reduces fine lines & wrinkles Tightens pores … Continue reading HASAYAN ROSE FACIAL TONIC MIST


In India Ubtan is something very common. Used by  most women for naturally glowing skin. Ubtan is a paste made from natural products to lighten the color of skin and it also helps to make your skin glowing and soft with no effort. Here is our first guest post by Dr.Juni Jacob   FOREST ESSENTIALS NARANGI … Continue reading NARANGI & NAGKESAR FACIAL UBTAN


I have been always in search of a shampoo & conditioner which is so mild that can be used everyday as i can't go even a single day without washing my hair! Today i am reviewing FOREST ESSENTIALS  MASHOBRA HONEY & VANILA HAIR CLEANSER & CONDITIONER . FOREST ESSENTIALS HAIR CLEANSER MASHOBRA HONEY & VANILA AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC FORMULATION: … Continue reading DAILY CLEANSER & CONDITIONER FOR HAIR