Here is one of the best way to remove tan naturally! Ingredients : 1 tsp of rice flour 2 spoon of cucumber juice Benefits: Rice flour : skin brightening , anti ageing , anti inflammatory, Cucumber juice : removes tan, soothes sun burn, treats blemishes, tightens pores Directions: Mix one tsp of rice flour and … Continue reading DIY TAN REMOVAL PACK


Oat Meal Face Pack For Dry skin

Regular usage of this oatmeal face pack combats the dryness of the skin keeping it supple and moisturized. Best for eczema and dry skin. Ingredients Oat meal Yogurt Honey Directions Put 1/4 cup of oatmeal in a bowl, add 2 tablespoon of yogurt 1 tablespoon of honey mix it well. Add 2 tablespoon of water … Continue reading Oat Meal Face Pack For Dry skin

5 most asked questions about sunscreen!

Don’t Wrinkle, Wear Sunscreen! Most people i know never use sunscreen and don’t know the benefits of sunscreens. There are lots of sunscreens available from different brands in the market choose the sunscreen, But which one is right for you and best fits for your lifestyle. What is sunscreen? Sunscreen is a combination of several … Continue reading 5 most asked questions about sunscreen!

How to take care of your lips naturally?

Hello to all my lovely readers, I have been receiving lots of query related lip care lately on my social channels, So thought of doing a blog post on it. Your lips needs same attention you give to your skin, In order to have beautiful lips you need to keep your lips hydrated, moisturized and … Continue reading How to take care of your lips naturally?

The Faceshop Radiance Face Mask Review

Hey all, Today's review is about something which is always there in my vanity, literally I carry a bunch of The Faceshop sheet masks in my vanity!It's a quick fix for my skin ❤️ Product Description:This face mask features a light-as-air sheet that feels soft and weightless on skin. The serum containing Vitamin C provides … Continue reading The Faceshop Radiance Face Mask Review

Sugarmyylove All Natural Facewash

Hi all, Today I am reviewing my current favourite facewash from a brand which I came across recently. I have been using this one since last one month and totally loving it. Product Description:Sugarmyylove face wash reduces acne and fights dark spots. It also gives a natural glow to skin if used regularly. Product expires … Continue reading Sugarmyylove All Natural Facewash