10 Skincare tips for brides to be!

Brides to be, we know all you want is flawless and radiant looking skin on your big day and you often forget about your skincare midst of all the wedding planning and busy work schedule!

Dont panic boo, we got you covered! Here is ultimate easy to follow bridal checklist that won’t break your bank.10 Skincare tips for brides to be!

  • Eat your way to naturally radiant and flawless skin

The old adage ” you are what you eat” has never been Truer when it comes to naturally nourishing your skin. Include more fruits, vegetables, foods rich in Vitamin E, Omega 3, zinc, Vitamin C and healthy fats. Replace your coffee with green tea or rose bud tea. Avoid added sugar, smoking , alcohol and dairy processed food. Add  Ghee to your diet as ghee is rich in nutrients and high in Vitamins A, D, E and K, pure ghee can give you awesome skin and hair if consumed regularly.

  • Make Drinking water a habit

Water is the elixir of life which is essential to our body and to our beauty as well, Drinking at least 8 glasses of water will flush out toxins from your body, keeps your skin soft and supple, and reduces wrinkles.

  • Get your beauty sleep

Your body repairs itself and recovers while you sleep, when it comes to your beauty routine you need to get at least 7-8 hours sleep. While sleeping your body boosts collagen production and blood flow to your skin and you wake to plump and healthy glowing skin. Getting enough sleep reduces wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes.

  • CTM Routine, Cleanse – Tone – Moisturize

As a bride to be its very important to have CTM routine for your skin! Know your skin type, always choose products according to your skin type or get an appointment at a dermatologist they will help you choose.

  • Never skip your sunscreen

Sun Exposure can cause serious skin issues like tan lines, acnes, pigmentation, premature aging! 5 most asked questions about sunscreen!

  • Invest in a good eye cream

Under eye creams are most effective way to get rid of dark circles and reduce puffy eyes if you are not getting enough sleep. How to reduce dark circles naturally?

  • Night time skincare routine

Night time skincare routine is a great way to achieve flawless and glowing complexion in time for your wedding, All you need to do is know your skin type and get a good night cream or a facial oil! I would recommend a good kumkumadi thailam Miraculous Beauty Fluid to all the brides to be.

  • Get your sheet masks on 

Sheet masks are the easiest & effective way to nourish your skin as you can use it any time & anywhere with out any mess. The best sheet masks available in the market are Forest essentials Ayurvedic sheet masks and The face shop the solution sheet masks.

  • Get facial and spa

Indulge yourself in bridal spa and facial sessions, Massages can give your naturally glowing skin. Make sure you get your facials done a week before your wedding day. Don’t try anything new in the last week. Don’t bleach your skin! avoid waxing your facial hair as this can effect the elasticity of your skin. Opt for dry shaving to threading.

  • Sweat it out 

Exercising and Practicing yoga reduces stress and sweats out toxins which gives giving you a naturally glowing skin. Be a gorgeous bride inside out!

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