Sugarmyylove Hair Oil Review

Oiling is very important part of my hair care routine and you should give your hair oil treatment at least once in a week regardless of your hair type, texture or length.Oiling your hair can keep most of your hair care problems at a bay. So here is a review of a hair oil I have been using!Product Description :

Sugarmyylove hairoil is a blend of neem, amla, mulethi, castor oil, coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and peppermint oil. It helps in hair growth and boosts volume. It also helps in reducing dandruff and makes hair shiny.

Directions :

  • Take required amount of hair oil and gently massage it on your scalp.
  • Leave it on for a night.
  • Wash it off with sugarmyylove shampoo.
  • Use it thrice a week for best results.

Product expires in 3 months from the date of purchase. Each product is made to order. Patch test recommended.

My experience with Sugarmyylove Hair Oil :

Sugarmyylove hair oil comes in a plastic bottle and is travel friendly. I use it twice a week and the results are unbelievable! My hair is shinier and healthier. It has a pleasant herbal smell it can be a bit strong for those with sensitive nose. The consistency of the oil is perfect as it gets easily absorbed.

I used it as its mentioned on the b bottle and I could see the difference it had made in my hair. I can’t comment on the hair growth part as i used it just twice but this has effectively reduced my hair fall and dandruff. My hair is much more manageable!

If you are looking for oil to get rid of dandruff and make your hair healthy then this oil will surely help you with that.

have you tried Sugarmyylove hair oil? If yes then do let me know your experience with it!

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