Sugarmyylove All Natural Facewash

Hi all,

Today I am reviewing my current favourite facewash from a brand which I came across recently. I have been using this one since last one month and totally loving it.

Product Description:

Sugarmyylove face wash reduces acne and fights dark spots. It also gives a natural glow to skin if used regularly.

Product expires in 3 months from the date of purchase. Each product is made to order.

Patch test recommended.


Not listed

My take on Sugarmyylove Face wash :

Sugarmyylove all natural face wash comes in a travel friendly plastic bottle with a golden cap. It’s a liquid facewash which looks like honey & smells heavenly. It does what it claims, cleanses skin well, reduces acne and won’t dry out the skin. It works well with my oily skin. I feel it can be a bit drying for dry skin. So I won’t recommend this to those dry & sensitive skin.

Price : INR 400

You can buy it from Sugarmyylove

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