A guide to find the right foundation type and shade

Hey all,

Todays blog post is all about finding the right shade and type of foundation according to your skin.

Before doing that party face or that natural makeup look, you have to prep your face.

Foundation should look like your skin, people should never know you are wearing it. If some says that they like your foundation then you are wearing it wrong – Eliano Bou Assi (Director of Education & Artistry Bobbi Brown)


How to find the best foundation for your skin type?

Know your skin type before you  hit a makeup counter of any brand, make sure the foundation your chose for your skin works best with your skin type and concerns.

For Oily skin

  • Go for something which is Oil free and long lasting.
  • Matte finish liquid foundations are the best.
  • Don’t go for powder foundations as it can make your skin look cakey and exaggerate your pores.
  • The stick foundations are mostly creamy so it may clog your pores and make your make up look heavy.

For Dry skin

  • Opt for something which is moisturizing and hydrating without being greasy, thick formulas like creams or moisturizing liquids.
  • Satin finish foundation works best for dry skin.
  • Waterproof, matte finish and powder based foundations can be very drying and intensify your fine lines and wrinkles.

For Sensitive skin

  • Opt for alcohol, silicon and fragrance free foundations.
  • Avoid foundations with mineral oils and talc in the ingredient list.

For Acne prone skin

  • Avoid formulas which are too creamy and has shimmer in it.
  • Look for formulas which are oil free and give a matte finish.
  • There are many foundations in the market which has acne fighting properties too.


How to find right foundation  shade?

We have almost all shades of foundation available in the market from different brands. It was a bit difficult earlier to find a perfect shade for dark skin beauties but brands like Lancome and Fenty have changed the make up game.

  • Know your skin’s undertone. Undertones can be cool, warm, or neutral.
  • Check the colour of your wrist veins. If they are bluish and purple then you have cool undertones and if you have greenish vein then its warm undertone.
  • Always test the foundation in natural light.
  • Never colour test on your hands, thats the mistake we often do. The skin on the hand is not the same tone on your face.
  • For an exact shade match, swatch along the side of the jawbone.
  • Try three shades ranging from lighter to darker and the right shade will vanish into your skin after blending.
  • One foundation shade won’t suit you all year long you have to switch the shades according to the seasons.
  • Don’t go for lighter shade than your skin tone as it can make your makeup look chalky and ashy.

For a flawless base makeup you have to prep your skin with right skincare routine.

Do let me know if this is useful 🙂


3 thoughts on “A guide to find the right foundation type and shade

  1. My foundation selection was always wrong, I ended up looking fairer or darker!!
    But now I have the perff choice!!❤
    Looking ahead for more such blogs.
    Thank you so much, you always know what you’re viewers need. Love you ❤


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