INVERSION METHOD for hair growth

Here is one of the most easy and popular way to grow your hair faster and longer!

What is Inversion Method?

Inversion method helps to grow hair faster and longer by increasing the blood flow to the head.

How to do Inversion method?

  • Tip your head upside down and let your hair hang loosely.
  • Massage your scalp with finger tips once a day for a week  for 4 minutes.
  • This encourages blood flow to your head and stimulate your follicles.
  • when you sit back up do it slowly or it can make you feel dizzy or faint.
  • Do not try the inversion method if you have low or high blood pressure, heart problems, or are pregnant.
  • always measure your hair before starting on this method
  • You can do this method with coconut oil once in a week.
  • Repeat every 3- 4 weeks

Have any of you tried this method? Did it work for you? Do let me know in comments ❤

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