Hi all,

Here is my review on the much hyped product of the year.  Huda beauty desert dusk eye shadow palette needs no introduction, Its one of those beauty product which was all over the social media.





A dynamic eyeshadow palette with 18 shades in 4 unique textures: 1 dazzling glitter, 8 creamy mattes, 6 shimmering pearl shades and 3 duo-chrome toppers.

What it does:

Adventure on an exotic Arabian journey with the latest eyeshadow palette by Huda Beauty. This richly toned palette features 18 versatile shades that can be layered in infinite ways to create a vast array of looks with just one palette. Layer different textures to create unique combinations or add intrigue to smooth matte shades with a duo-chrome topper. From subtle, natural looks to dramatic statements and bold glittering looks, this palette will become your new essential for all your makeup routines.

This palette contains:


– Eight Matte Shades: Highly-pigmented shades in vibrant purples and ochres, and soft sandy nude-tones provide butter-like application and extended wear. (Blazing, Saffron, Amethyst, Oud, Amber, Eden, Musk, Desert Sand)

– Six Pressed Pearls: Purely pressed pearls in plum, bronze and rose hues create a high shimmer, velvety finish that layer effortlessly on top of mattes to add depth and shine to lids.  (Turkish Delight, Angelic, Cashmere, Royal, Nefertiti, Blood Moon)

– Three Duo-Chrome Toppers: An exquisite light-shifting formula in three enchanting shades with a duo-chrome effect. Use these transformative shades alone for an incandescent glow, or layer as the finishing touch. (Retrograde, Twilight, Celestial)

– One Pure3 pure glitter texture for a bold look. (Cosmo)

How to:

Duo Chrome Toppers: Use a brush to blend the light into the base shadow, or dab onto your lid with your finger to maximise the shine.

Glitter: Apply the pure glitter all over the eye using a flat brush with stiff bristles, or use it as a glitter liner with a liner brush.



My take on Huda beauty desert dusk eye shadow palette :

First of all, I am a huge fan of Huda beauty rose gold textured palette which is still my holy grail eye shadow palette.  HUDA BEAUTY DESERT DUSK PALETTE features 18 beautiful shades. It has everything from gold to bronze and burnt oranges to purples. The palette has 8 matte shades, 6 Pressed Pearls, 3 Duo-Chrome Toppers, and glitter.

Matte shades :

The matte shades are highly pigmented and easy to blend, I find the formula chalkier and dusty.  Desert sand, musk and eden are fairly pigmented and did  fall out. Amber, oud, saffron and blazing are highly pigmented and are not that powdery. Amethyst a magenta purple was a huge disappointment as it was really hard to blend and got patchy.

Pressed Pearls :

The pressed pearls are creamier and easy to apply. Blends well. The shades cashmere, angelic and royal did not appear as metallic after blending.

Duo-Chrome Toppers : Duo chrome shades were smooth and a bit dry. These shades can be used alone and can be layered on the matte shades too. I find the shade celestial chunkier than other two shades. The best way to use it is with the a damp brush or eye shadow glue. When i tried to apply it with my finger most of the product stuck to my finger.

Pure Glitter : The one in pure glitter turned out to be a major miss in this palette as the  half-loose, half-pressed formula doesn’t stay in place at all. I used it on an adhesive base.

Price: 250 AED

I loved the mattes and pressed pearls, the duo chrome didn’t layer well on me. Overall the palette is “Okay”, The rose gold palette was much better.

All huda beauty products are available in Sephora.

Whats your thought on this palette? Is it worth the hype?


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