Make-up Tips & Tricks by Manal El Hage

Hi All,

I attended a Maybelline master class on 29th October 2016 at Ritz Carlton Dubai, where i learnt best Make-up tips & tricks from Manal El Hage. Manal is brand ambassador & regional make-up artist of Maybelline New York. I couldn’t have been more impressed, she explained each step so carefully and gave bests tricks for a flawless Make-up.

So todays post is all about Make-up tips i learnt in Manal’s master class!

Here i share few of them;

  • Prep your skin: Washing your face with water is not enough as it won’t remove the excess oil, dirt and make-up. To make your make-up look smoother & last longer is to prepare your skin accordingly, use a toner to extra cleanse your skin as it removes any traces of make-up or residue. Moisturize according to your skin type.
  • Never skip Primer: Primer creates a barrier between your skin & make-up, It ensures the make-up remains flawless all day long. It is a life-saver for getting your makeup to stay-put in extreme weather. Silicon based primers give an ultra smoothing effects.
  • BB creams:  Beauty balms are formulated to perform different functions in one product. It is perfect for a light finish & keeps your face look natural. BB creams moisturize with a tint, corrects, and offers sun protection. You can even use it as base for make-up.
  • Choose the right Foundation: Generally there are three types of foundations according to coverage.If you want a thin layer of foundation, try a sheer version. If you want to hide any kind of redness or blemishes go for a medium coverage foundation. And for full face make-up go for an opaque version. If your skin is oily & acne-prone use an oil-free formula, but if your skin is dry & doesn’t break out go for an oil based foundation.
  • Concealer: The best way to apply a concealer is to draw a triangle with its base under your eyes and the point toward your cheeks, inner corner of your eyes. Dark skin beauties should always go for orange concealers. Yellow for redness & pink or peach for very fair skin beauties.
  • Highlight & Contouring: For highlighting, use a foundation a two shades lighter than your skin or use a concealer in place of foundation. Just remember to make sure all your products are either cream or powder; don’t mix the two. Only highlight the part of your skin that you want to stand out. For Contouring, choose a foundation a two shades darker than your skin. The darker tone will shade the parts of your face that you want to draw attention away from. Blend it well with a good brush or it will look very unnatural.
  • Eye Make-up: Most of us really have a hard time drawing a winged eye liner. Manal showed one of the best way to apply it. Trust me it works 🙂winged-eyeliner
  • Set your Make-up with powder: Nobody wants to look greasy, and powder is a great mattifier. Powders reduces the look of fine lines and pores. Apply powder straight on top of your foundation as it is a great base upon which to apply blush, contour, bronzer, or shimmer. Everything lasts longer when powder is in the mix.
It was wonderful meeting her 🙂



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