Exfoliate with Skin Yoga!

Exfoliation eliminates dead skin cells and gives smooth and radiant skin. It can be easily done at home. It is a double-edged sword, skin becomes sensitized if you overdo it.

Coffee grounds have amazing skincare benefits as they are one of the best exfoliants, helps reduce cellulites,  improved circulation, has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes skin.

Today i am reviewing a beautiful product from SKIN YOGA.


logo create solutions for people who want to adopt to a natural lifestyle, which we believe will lead to peace and purity of mind, body and soul.  We direct our efforts towards launching products inspired from ancient times to be adopted in our modern day lifestyle.




De-tans and Reduces Cellulites, The caffeine enhances fat metabolism and removes liquid and fat from your skin, ultimately reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The natural oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. This scrub also treats inflammation and protects your skin from sun damage.


Ground coffee beans, pure coconut oil & sesame oil.


Take small handfuls of the coffee scrub and apply onto wet skin in shower. Scrub your entire body for 5-7 minutes. Follow with your routine shower. Click here to watch the Youtube video.

My Experience with Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub:

Skin Yoga body scrub is basically coffee grounds with some pure oils. It smells exactly like coffee and is granular in texture, comes in a golden pillow pack which is very much travel friendly. I used it thrice a week and i must say my skin felt smooth & tight. It helped me to get rid of body odor. The best part is it won’t make your skin dry at all. I didn’t  even use a moisturizer after shower. This helps in removing dry and dead skin and reveals new, healthy skin. I can’t comment about stretch marks part as three days is less time to tell the difference.
Its an excellent all natural product as it is free from parabens, fragrance and preservatives so ditch all your body scrubs that contain harsh chemicals.

PRICE: INR 850 for 100gm

❤ Everything Gets better With Coffee ❤

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