Feet are usually most ignored part of your body! In my case I take care of my feet as much as I do for my face and hands. This product from INATUR has become my favorite foot care essential 🙂



INATUR FOOT SCRUB is a healthy cleansing and reviving ritual for dry and cracked feet. Since the skin on the feet seems to be coarser than elsewhere, it takes a stronger kind of scrub that helps the skin to exfoliate by gently removing the hardened, dull, rough and dead skin cells.

Glory feet scrub leaves your feet feeling cared for, soft, supple and fresh by removing dead skin. Regular usage is beneficial to prevent feet related skin disorders. It is a must have especially for summers.


Aqua, hydroxyethylurea, propylene glycol mineral oil, almond oil, candela wax, shea butter, ceto cetyl alcohol, olive oil, cocoa butter, camomile oil, myristyl myristate, glyceryl, monostearate, Hydantoin, phenoxyethanol, lavender oil, turmeric extract, frankincense oil, vitamin e, mentha avensis, Triclosan, EDTA, Fragrance.


For a refreshing and effective cleansing and exfoliation of feet apply a generous amount onto feet in a circular motion & rinse. Daily application is ideal. Follow with a relaxing and moisturizing massage.

My Experience With INATUR FOOT SCRUB: 

This scrub has a nice creamy consistency with tiny granules which smoothes away roughness and leaves feet soft. I liked the fragrance which is a bit strong but I am okay with it. This works amazingly in removing dry skin. Over all I think it’s an amazing product to pamper your feet ❤

PRICE: INR 270 for 150gm

Get your product from INATUR OR MSM.

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