Zara is almost 3 months and she has a got a load of baby care sets of different brands as gifts and as i prefer using Forest essentials baby products for Zara which  is very much free from chemicals, I found out different ways of using it in my beauty regime.

Here are few amazing beauty hacks with a baby oil!

  • It can be used as a good  moisturizer, use after shower on damp skin and say good bye to dry skin 🙂
  • Use it as a make up remover, Apply all over your face, massage it and wash it off with a good face cleanser..
  • Tame your frizzy hair & split ends with few drops of baby oil.
  • Apply tiny amount of oil on your cuticles and massage it well before hitting your bed. Wake up to great looking nails.
  • Heal your cracked heels, Apply it on your feet and wear a socks.
  • Mix few drops of baby oil and foundation to  get your own DIY Tinted moisturizer.
  • Make your own lip scrub with a baby oil for soft and beautiful lips.


Take a table spoon of brown or white sugar, add a dash of baby oil  and few drops of lemon, Mix it well till it binds together. Apply it on your lips and scrub well enough to loosen the rough dead skin, rinse well with lukewarm water.

Hope you guys found this useful.


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