MY ENVY BOX February beauty subscription box was themed around the celebration of 15 years of Forest Essentials – luxurious Ayurveda, hence it included 5 samples from the brand.My love for their products will never end ❤

The Box looks very elegant & luxurious 😉



Forest Essentials Ultra Rich Dazzling Body Lotion – 50ml


The purity and freshness of Jasmine and Mogra flowers has a delicate fragrance with sheer floral notes. This body lotion uses burnt Cane Sugar, a humectant which attracts and seals moisture into the skin.

PRODUCT BENEFITS : This Moisture Drenching Madurai & Jasmine Hand & Body Lotion is enriched with caramelized sugar crystals that retain moisture on the skin and leave it soft, nourished and supple. Kokum butter along with burnt sugar and organic beeswax provide natural hydration and makes the skin smooth. Antioxidant properties of Vitamin E and Gokharu reduce the ill effects of free radicals and give lustre to the skin with the delicate fragrance of Jasmine and Mogra.

MY  EXPERIENCE : This body lotion is  natural. Its a deluxe sample size and its perfect for dry skin.

PRICE : 1175 INR for 200 ml

Forest Essentials Luxury Sugar Soap: 50gms

I have already reviewed this product..

check here :

PRICE : 475 INR for 125 gms


Forest Essentials Lightening & Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion: 8gms & Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub -8g


Forest Essentials Lightening & Brightening Tejasvi Emulsion

AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC FORMULATION : Lavishes your skin with rich restorative moisture. The base of pure Cow’s milk ‘Ghee’ instantly provides extraordinary lighting of the skin tone and brightening of the skin. With regular massage the skin acquires a noticeably soft, fairer, resilient and ‘plumped’ quality, and a radiant glow or “Tejas”.

PRODUCT BENEFITS : This rejuvenating facial massage cream is specially formulated from the ancient Tejasvi formulation in Vedic texts to lighten and brighten the skin. This unique Emulsion removes blemishes and pigmentation by combining the potent properties of age-old Ayurvedic herbs, pure whole cream cow’s ghee, sweet Almond oil, virgin Coconut oil and Kokum butter blended with purifying and skin lightening and brightening herbs, root and flower extracts, leaving your skin supple and radiant.

MAKING OF THE PRODUCT : This extraordinary product takes many months to prepare, as it is first processed from “Ghee” made with Cow’s milk. Cow’s milk is much finer and lighter in texture than the more creamy Buffalo milk, and requires much more milk to make a small amount of Ghee. This Ghee is then “aged” according to Ayurvedic texts, with pure Saffron, and mixed with potent herbs like Jivanti for firming & toning, Manjistha for refining skin texture, Cluster Fig for clarity and Kasturi Manjal for smoothness and elasticity. This is mixed into earthenware pots and buried beneath Banyan trees for about 2 months. It is then cooked on a slow fire with the addition of some fresh Cow’s milk, virgin Coconut oil and fresh Rose petals.

MY EXPERIENCE : A great nourishing treatment for dry skin &  has improved the overall texture of my skin.I use it twice a week.After cleansing the skin as per your normal routine,apply a small dab of emulsion on Forehead,cheeks,nose and neck each.Massage well into skin for at least fifteen to twenty minutes with upward strokes.Wring out a small towel in hot water,and place on face for one minute.Wipe off excess emulsion.I would surely recommend for dry skinned girls.

PRICE : 2275 INR  for 50gms

Forest Essentials Hand Pounded Organic Fruit Scrub -8g

AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC FORMULATION : This nourishing face scrub, hand-pounded to the right consistency, blends fresh organically grown Dates, Peaches and Almond seeds with rich Apricot Kernel oil, pure Honey and finely milled Almonds to gently exfoliate dull cells, revealing a beautifully polished and glowing complexion.

PRODUCT BENEFITS : Derived from the unique Fal Yukth Gharshan Lep, this facial scrub uses a variety of fruit with exfoliating properties along with other natural plant extracts. These ingredients are fermented by placing them in terracotta jars buried under the ground for many months, and then blended with herb, root and flower infusions to create a highly nourishing and deep cleansing scrub.

MY EXPERIENCE : This hand pounded organic fruit scrub is thicker and dark brown in color. A very little amount is enough for a good scrub. Brightens the skin well. Removes the dirt with first application itself & Does not bring any irritation or pimple. Makes the skin so soft and smooth.

PRICE : 1675 INR for  50gms



AUTHENTIC AYURVEDIC FORMULATION : The warm fragrance of real Vanilla blended with wild Mountain Honey. The skin is left glistening, clean and hydrated.

PRODUCT BENEFITS : This Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Shower Wash contains carefully selected herbs, as per Ancient Ayurvedic texts. They are known for their nourishing and cleansing properties. Herbs like Genhu, Sonapatha and Bamboo gently cleanse the skin. Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Bala and Gokharu heal and repair the skin by preventing it from effects of free radicals.

MY EXPERIENCE : I have used the Mashobra Honey and Vanilla body lotion and I quite liked the fragrance.Very mild on skin 🙂

PRICE : 875 INR for 200 ml

You can subscribe for your MY ENVY BOX from their website



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