Zara’s Birth Story

❤ Our Little Princess ❤

I thank Allah for healthy beautiful baby !!

During the late hours on Sunday  7th February 2016…..

I felt severe back pain which made me feel whether it was some sort of labor sign. I didn’t think much about it as i was only 38 weeks & there was still time for my due date. Post midnight i felt sharp contractions & i could’t walk around easily. I decided to tell this to Mr.Husband & he took me to hospital. The  emergency duty doctors kept me under observation for two hours and they confirmed my admission. I had menstrual like cramps with shooting pain in my back & my stomach was hardening so much.

Monday morning when my doctor checked me she said i was only dilated to 2 , I was in induction room whole day waiting for stronger contractions, nurses asked me to walk around.Next morning i was checked again and was told that i was dilated to 3 and after 15 minutes i felt a gush of water *yes my water broke!!!

They started to time my contractions which were coming every 3 minutes and lasting for 30 to 40 seconds. Shafi encouraged me to keep active throughout and also massaged my back with each and every contraction! I was on Epidural by this time. At 4:30 pm i was checked again and told that i wasn’t dilating and the baby’s head is not emerging!

And my doctor ordered for emergency LSCS (Lower Segment Cesarean Section). I was in OT at 5:30 pm wide awake with numb body but could feel everything happening around .At 6:34 pm i heard my baby cry & tears of joy trickled down my cheeks.


I was shifted to postpartum room and kept under observation for a night, they brought Zara to me. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, Next morning the catheter was removed and i was asked to walk around. Then i was shifted to my room where i met my family 🙂 My doctor was happy to see me recover fast and i was given discharge on 13th of Feb!

My Heaven On Earth ❤ 


Things which helped me throughout my pregnancy :





Above all it’s the Blessings and Prayers that helped me through…

Thanks to Dr.Mayadevi Kurup  & ASTER MEDICITY  Gynecology Staff for thier care and support 🙂


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