Forest Essential Luxury Sugar Soap

Bengal Tuberose!!!

This luxury sugar soap by Forest essential is absolutely divine ❤

Excellent skin cleansing transparent soap with organic cane sugar and add natural oils to your skin :). Contains cold pressed oils like almond and coconut that are very nutritious for skin.

The floral scent has amazing effect on senses  which gives a spa like feeling after every bath 😉 free of synthetic fragrances , petroleum and harmful chemicals  which makes it suitable for all skin types. 


Special Ingredients :

Coconut oil, Palm oil, Almond oil,  Glycerine, Sucrose, Reetha extracts , Anantmool root Extracts ,Satavari extracts , Vitamin E tuberose flower oil

Price : INR 425 for 125 g

You can get it from Forest essential store in Lulu mall Cochin or order it online from


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